Thursday, May 28, 2009

What to call 'em

I came up with this today, spotting a Nissan Teana, a grandiose car on the road.

Austria capital Vienna
Nissan Caru peru Teana
Asin ah Nayana?
Adhunaala enakku enna palana?

"Mudila machan" - I know!!

When India triumphed in the T20 World Cup in 2007, this was my song of success

Indha team ah gavani
Captain peru Dhoni
Vuttadhu World Cup Sani
Thodarattum ivargal pani
Ye! Dandanakka..Ye! Danakunakka

Summa..toooo much la :P
I know!!


Anonymous said...

Why ! How! When! What ! yen onakku indha nelamai - nalla thaane pa irunda ??!

Manojh said...

I wanted to explore the crazzzy side of "thinking without inhibition" and this is the result.
The mind is unstoppable when you have nothing do sitting inside the office cab (esp. when you have left your ipod on the desk at home that day)