Monday, May 4, 2009

Meter correction?

I am gasping for breath as I realise, for the third consecutive office<->home trip, I ended up paying 54/-

Questions that throng me now are
1. Have ridiculously priced auto-meters been cracked down and normalized?
2. Is this another common-man-friendly election stunt?
3. Am I simply over-reacting to this?

I tried googling "bangalore auto meter correction", "auto meter bangalore government rectification". No luck with the results.

Somebody please help here.


ramya037 said...

I am reminded of the song naa autokaaran autokaaran from the movie batsha, incidentally the lyricist forgot to add kollakaran da. :-)

Manojh said...

LOL :)

Charanam 3(my version)

Meter potachu
Soodu yeriyachu
Podum kanakukku
Velicham kidayadhu
Meter potum dhan nimmadhi illa
Indha auto-meter kodukkum padutholla

Ada...kollaya dhan ipdi yeno adikkaranga
Ivanga ozhungave dhan meter poda maatanga

(Invanga)Dharalamana kollaikaaran da...
Ivanga eppovume dharalamana kollaikaaran da

Ajaku enna ajaku dhan...
Gumuku enna gumuku dhan

ramya037 said...

everytime I hear Nyayamulla Rate Karan, I get irritated.My dad always comments on the song. :-)