Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chennai 28 - Review

Among the innumerable number of crass commercial movies that come all through the year, only one or two remain worthwhile to even talk about.Chennai 28 turned out to be a pleasing outing. The film boasts of no great star cast or a great director or the normal masala that tamil movies usually dish out. It clicked for its simplicity, clean approach to story telling, good humour, wonderful charcterisation, pleasing background score and most importantly - the day to day incidents in life, which the movie beautifully captures and makes you a part of. There's laughter in store throughout the length of the movie and at no place do you feel it dragging.

It's cricket that holds the central theme - what can be more exciting than gully cricket. The one which we played during our school days, on the road, the non-spacious grounds, customising rules as we liked. Produced by the doyen playback singer SPB, the film starts with an introduction to the characters by the maestro himself in his evergreen voice. The very beginning has you in splits. Director Venkat Prabhu deserves praise for the way he has handled the group of actors. Though many in number, a few of them make quite a mark in their roles. Notable one is the performance of Premji Amaran. With his satirical mocking of the dialogue "Enna Kodumai Saravanan" from Chandramukhi, the guy provokes laughter everytime he has something to say. Rest of the cast have done well too. The Director's genius is visible in the way he has chosen the cast which requires the typical 'Chennai-youth' looks. He couldn't have done a more satisfying job. The local Chennai dialect also has a good part to play in the Chennai-feel of the movie. By the way, I am not a CHENNAI guy. Having been friends with quite a few number of Chennai ites oflate has acquainted me with the baashai and the appreciation as a result.

Music is by Yuvan. Among the songs, "Jalsa", "Yaaro" are good. Yuvan has taken a leaf out of his father's book in this movie for background music. The scenes filled with humour are appropriately backed up by his score. Some notable scenes in the movie are, the nose-cut that Raghu's father gives Pazhani in his house about his cricket team - Sharks, the bet match on the beach with a group of school kids, the scene where Premji fails to catch the throw of Raghu for which he is scorned at by his friends, the other where he does catch one but off a NO Ball and few others. The climax of the movie was well thought of. Instead of the "last-ball-six-hitting" that the hero usually does, you again face - a dose of reality! Kudos to the climax!

A youthful movie, full of energy and humour, definitely catering to youngsters. Nice to see an enjoyable tamil movie after a long time.

My rating : 4.2/5
- Pure fun

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