Monday, May 21, 2007


It's been a while since I have written something here. Finally, 'busy' seems to have found it's place in my dictionary. I find time now sitting at my office desk as I desperately wait for my test cases to complete on the simulated environment that's been set up which is so very damn slow!! It's BORING!! Nevertheless, after exploring all possible modes of time-pass, chatting, scrapping, wiki-ing, googling, I have decided to write about something that strikes my mind now.

Mayawati...she proved how a well calculated formula of appeasing all sections(read caste) of the society could provide a decisive mandate in this caste driven polity of ours. The BJP with its Hindutva, the Congress with its big-talk of the 'future leader' making controversies all the way failed to make any sort of an impact. It shows one thing. Caste and nothing else always wins elections in India. Even if people talk high of relegating the system from the society which even the politicians speak of, they ultimately resort to the same to secure their votes.

Moral Policing... This term is gaining prominence and is flasing across all newspapers these days. MF Hussain, Gere-Shilpa..the list goes on. One thing which I find is that these issues seem to be of no concern to the middle class man i.e the office going, earning population and because of the leave-no-stone-unturned attitude of the media with the "Breaking news" mania and a a few key players calling themselves the "fundamentalists", the right wing would want to show that they are the custodian of India's heritage(to who's gain is the question). The point is nobody is being benefitted by these course of events. The current trend is to embrace Western culture which the yester generation is finding tough to accept. It's best if we let things settle themselves. Nothing can be pushed aside. It only lead to more fracas.

GRE wordlist is my latest interesting hobby. Learning up new and fancy English words is fun. I am loving it simply because of the challenge it poses. Knowing certain words helps you appreciate some really informative articles that you read on newspaper editorials and the like which employ quite a few of them. And of course to use them in your writings on the blog :)

Ahaa. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The one and only English sitcom that I have watched, not while it was being aired on TV but much later when it was circulating in my college hostels. What a superb series!! Each and every character has so much depth and each of their characteristics has been maintained throughout the ten seasons. Hats off to Martha Kauffman and David Crane for creating the characters that will remain evergreen. The series is running for the fourth cycle on my laptop. The best passtime that you can get.

PachaiKili Muthucharam was very unlike a usual Tamil movie. It had a Hollywood touch to it. Slow moving, yet worthy. Gautam Menon definitely has proved that he belongs to the special class of film-makers. Some very good picturisation by Arvind Krishna and ofcourse, Harris jayraj, Gautam's trump card once again showed how good he is. A nice, poignant movie that would warn a few husbands to remain loyal to their spouses! :) . Neatly done!

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Avi Ramu said...

Hey well said about friends.Am currently in college and just finishd two rounds of it.The thing is you start liking all the characters you pick a favourite then you think hey this person is great too. As for pachai kili was a bit disappointd as i felt the end was a bit messed up .. GRE wordlist god knows when im gonna start,.. Mayawati--who cares Ive strtd ignorin politics and UP who even bothers.