Thursday, April 19, 2007

What a feeling...

Aha! Freedom to blog. Not that in anyway I was curbed before. But the so called 'guilty conscience' of mine which wouldnt allow me to blog while at office just because I have been entrusted with 'some' work finally took a back seat with my supervisor having taken a day of absence. Yet, don't ask me questions about my previous posts right here. Although I did post them from my office, I was thoroughly unoccupied then!! So I am back after a hiatus. But what to write on? Ahhhh!! The most disasterous of starts that can happen for a non-regular, amateurish blogger like me - No topic to write on!!.

Hmmm...oflate, there has been a sudden spring in my stride to attend carnatic concerts. I have never had the privilege of attending concerts of stalwarts solely because I hail from a place that attaches no significance to any art form, leave alone music. But I cant blame the poeple, for their knowledge in art is very limited. Despite that, a few talented people, who are motivated enough, do manage to learn up something and also organise some concerts. But yeah, coming back, The Rama Seva Mandali in Bangalore is performing a commendable job, a mighty service for carnatic connoisseurs and rasikas, in organising this classical music festival which has been running for over 20 days now. It happens every year. But this is my first experience to a festival akin the Chennai Decemeber season. Having so longed to have a feel of the flavour that a typical carnatic season offers and with an array of supremely talented artists queuing up, I was determined to make the most out of this opportunity. The going has been great so far. It started on a lovely weekend with Sanjay Subhramanian blazing away with the most unimaginable improvisations that I have ever heard. Sowmya, TNS Krishna were pretty good. You hear them in an Mp3 player, you hear them in a music system. But, Oh my god! The live auditorium with the booming speakers and the resonating sound is altogether a different proposition. The only thing that can stand between the rasika and the performers is AIR!! The ambience is great and add to that an intelligent, appreciative auidence mostly comprising the yester generation. Ranjani-Gayathri, the sisters stood a class apart with their choice of songs culminating with an RTP in Keeravani.
I was unfortunate to miss out on some really good ones during the weekend though when I headed home to celebrate 'Vishu' - something more special as all of us in my family met together for a festival after four long years.
A big line up of some great names awaits and it starts right from today and goes on till May non-stop. TVS, Priya sisters, Lalgudi GJR Krishnan, Shashank, Sudha, Ravi Kiran, TNS...What more can you get? A brilliant offering. My first experience with the 'Kutcheri season' is proving worthwhile indeed!

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